Let's Help Ukraine

This game created by 10 year old Gerry Cameron, who likes to be known as Mr. Berry provides an opportunity to Splat Putin and help Ukraine! Doesn’t everyone want to do that right now?

Download and help Ukraine

The baddies are coming but we are dispatching our best special agent monkey to get the boss villain.
You are that agent. You are 002 Monk, James Monk. With a license to monkey around and Splat Putin.

This is your mission:

1. Splat Putin
2. Avoid his blasts.
3. Score as much as you can,
4. Enjoy the gameplay as the game speeds up.
5. Beat your highest score.
6. Get rid of the ads and help Ukraine.

How much can you score?

Mr. Berry

“I had to help the Ukrainian people and I had an idea for a game to help raise money for the Ukrainian people because some of my family have come from there and so does my teacher, also I think it’s sooooo mean what’s happening to them and Putin is being so bad to Ukraine. My daddy has helped me with it a bit on Playstore and AppStore and a developer. It took ages! Basically I did it myself and now it’s finished! Please help me help Ukraine”

Contact Us

You can reach out to Mr Berry on the email listed below

Email : mrberrycameron@gmail.com